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General Commission Process

  1. You fill out a quote through Google Forms.
  2. I message you back through my email art[at], my Twitter @KludgesArt, or my Telegram @KludgesArt and thoroughly discuss your commission with you.
  3. After agreeing with my final quote, I send you an invoice, and you make the payment. You are placed on my public Queue.
  4. I show you a preliminary sketch. Three free editing sessions may be requested. I continue through the stages of the commission with the same editing terms.
  5. I send you the completed commission.

On a normal schedule, I will open my commission form in the middle of the month. The form will be open from a Monday morning until that Wednesday night. I will reach out to prospective clients and finalize my queue in the following Thursday until Saturday. Then, I will work on commissions from that Monday until the next round of commissions are taken.

Announcements for commissions are made through Twitter and FurAffinity, but you may message me through Twitter or Telegram if you would like to be notified directly.