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Hopefully the title is not concerning, it’s just a Hatsune Miku reference…

I’ve been busy

Well, it’s certainly been a time this latter half the year. Disappeared more than usual and more than expected.

Lots of ups and downs all the time, various stressors, new outlooks on life. Volunteered at food banks for a bit, climbed at a bouldering facility a few times each month. Car broke down 2 weeks ago (still broken). Went back to school as well: I was only planning on taking two courses at university so I could have time for art and job-searching, but I found myself joining a theatre class on a whim and discovered an intense love for scenic carpentry, so that was what took up most of my time, and has certainly altered the course of my life (or rather… actually gave me a direction to point my life in for once).

Not quitting art, ever

Shifting away from being online though, as I have a bunch of problems with being online now (scams, spam, AI art, mean people, etc.), so I’ve more or less cut out social media—which I guess is just Twitter, I don’t really count Tumblr since I pretty much just post art and run, as I have for years. Also still not really using Discord, I have an account now but never found the time for servers or messaging people or anything.

So other than Moderneopets and Goatlings (I use the sites’ currencies to get art from people nowadays), it’s art sites only for me. FurAffinity, Weasyl, Patreon, and Sheezy when it gets revived again. My website will be redone someday when I figure out what I want to do with it, but I hope to do some more experimentation on there. I’ve no plans in store yet, other than having fun with it, whatever it will be.

No commissions for a while (unless it gets bad, uhh)

With that said, I suppose I should bring up the topic of commissions. I don’t know if there are still any out there who remember me and would have wanted something from me any time soon, but I don’t know when I’ll be able to do art commissions in the near future anyway. The closest thing you’d be able to get would be subscribing to my Patreon for a few months and letting some points rack up and redeeming them, but the biggest thing you’d be able to get would be a simple animated icon.

I’ve got some leads on jobs thanks to the theatre stuff as well as the public library, but as of now, I’m still using savings and grant money to cover rent and it’s a bit scary, so if I do end up opening commissions later down the road, it’ll definitely mean I’m in a danger zone on finances. Hopefully it doesn’t reach that point, but if it’s not this, then I might end up taking commissions for car repairs at least—still in the process of figuring out what’s wrong with it, holidays are making everything complicated with that right now so yeah.

Personal projects and sponsorships

I really want to work on personal projects. I plan on putting up some sponsored projects up for anyone who would wish to support my artistic endeavors, but considering all you’d really be getting is a shoutout, I’m not really counting on it taking off since most people would usually want something in return for payment (and I’m not saying that’s necessarily a bad thing). But I’ll post up info on that in the coming weeks just in case that interests anyone. I already did my sponsored screentone traditional art project, so I know it’s possible.

The personal art will be made whether I get sponsored or not. It’s really just a way for people to support me if they like what I do and have the funds to do so. It’ll range from normal drawings to animations, you’ll see.

Just kind of leaving… in a way.

I know being online is the thing to do, everyone is online for anything and everything because it’s all at our fingertips, but I’m just not enjoying it anymore. Not shaming anyone who is online and having fun of course, but, I’m just not having as much fun anymore. The only online joys I get are the two aforementioned pet sites and YouTube, and of course FurAffinity when I get the opportunity to check the site, but yeah I don’t know. Hate to have an old man yelling at cloud moment but it just kinda sucks online and I want to leave. But I won’t, of course. There are still joys to be had, and this is the only place that feels the most comfortable to share my art and look at others’ stuff. I just kinda wanna live offline the most I can, and just pop in every now and then to show what I’ve made and see what you’ve made too. It’s an odd mindset to explain in words, but hopefully this makes sense in a way.

Here’s a rough art timeline for 2024:

– Work on AMV 1

– Open art trades for animated June icons
– Work on AMV 1

– Make the icons
– Finish AMV 1

– Sponsored projects / Personal drawings

– Work on AMV 2
– Start building an animated Telegram YCH sticker set (1 finished sticker each month)

– Finish AMV 2

Subject to change, obviously. But these are some goals for myself with generous estimations of how things would go. Hopefully my new AMVs do not take me half a year, but I don’t want to stress myself out with hard deadlines while I am tackling another school semester and more job hunting. But I’m just putting this up here for myself as well as any soul who wishes to know what to kinda sorta expect for this upcoming year.

And… Yeah? I don’t know what else to say here, but feel free to leave a comment about this or whatever else. While I do not want to take things into DMs, I would love to have a brief chat in comments, as always.

Have yourselves a good rest of the year, and I hope this next one is a better one for all of us.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

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Hey everyone. My commission prices aren’t changing, but my methods of payment are. They are strictly as such:

  • US-based commissioners – pay through US bank transfer via Stripe invoice
  • Everyone else – pays through credit/debit card via Stripe invoice
Effective the next time I reopen for commissions (in July, probably), and my terms on my site will reflect all the new changes by then. Also, the Stripe discount/sketch specials that I was doing will be concluding as well.

And that’s about it. I understand that these changes are weird and strange and therefore will bring even less commissions than the very few I already receive, but that’s alright. I’m very grateful to those who have commissioned me, but I could really use more time to do other things. I wrote a bit about those things below if you’re bored (it’s lengthy and might be boring, so there’s no requirement to read).

Thanks, everyone.

So yeah, I’ll be primarily taking payment through bank transfer. It’s pretty straightforward: I send you a Stripe invoice, which has a secure area for you to connect your bank to pay. The payment process itself after payment is quite slow (about 5 days or more) compared to all the other methods, but that keeps the fees low.

Screenshot of the bank transfer process for stripe

For the record, payments through PayPal are currently 3.49% + 49¢, and card payments through Stripe are 2.9% + 30¢ (but then there’s an additional 0.4% from the gross amount if using Stripe invoices). So, they’re nearly the same amount. I’d like to apologize for drumming up so much noise in the past about how low I thought Stripe’s fees were in comparison. That 0.4% invoice fee isn’t apparent until you pay out.

Doing a US bank transfer via Stripe is only a 0.8% processing fee + the 0.4% invoice fee. That comes down to just 1.2% for fees, which is nice to see compared to the other methods. International bank transfers get extremely complicated for both sides, so I’m just sticking to card payments for that. Commissioners outside the US are pretty rare for me, so it’s not a big deal.

But now onto the heart of the matter.


I have to throw in most of the towel here. Commissions aren’t feasible for me. The time I spend on those prevents me from making personal art, and it kind of makes me forget that art is my passion and outlet of expression. When I do have the time for personal art, I feel guilty because doing so is not making money like art normally does for me, and so my effort on them gets pretty clipped. Patreon was supposed to help mitigate this, but because I don’t have time to create original content, I am unable to put anything unique and original out, and so there’s not much of an incentive for people to support it.

Furthermore, I just don’t get enough commissions to be able to live off of, and I can’t increase my prices due to lack of popularity due to what was said above. Then I have my own personal discomfort with the idea of me being a popular artist in the first place. Too many random people’s invasive eyes on you. Blegh


I actually do want a job in real life, outside of the online art world. I have wanted one for a very long time. I want to be in a physical area, walking around and manipulating objects within a space, and helping people directly. I’ve never been given the chance to do this, I have never seen a payroll and do not know what a W-2 form does. Thankfully, I live in a new area now—away from the previous bad political climate I used to live in (which I concluded was one of the main reasons that prevented me from acquiring work)—and into a place around people I look a bit more like, so I think I have somewhat of a chance now. Just need the time and energy to get some volunteer work into those resumes, and see if that changes anything.

Art is a luxury. Art commissions are not a basic need for the commissioner. They’re something people can hold off on buying if they can’t afford it yet or if they simply don’t feel like getting something from a particular artist. And honestly, there are plenty of artists who make angular art better than I ever could (because they actually understand perspective and anatomy and color theory and shading), and now there are computer programs that can generate things freely and instantaneously, so I can’t see myself particularly needed in this regard.


I’ll still be around online—still doing commissions even, but just for those who want to jump through some weird hoops. Huge thanks to all who have commissioned me at any point. Genuinely. You affected my life so very positively and prevented me from having $0 in the bank. I just need to angle my sights a bit and do something else if I’m to have a chance at surviving.

(It’s important to note that I’m not severely struggling right now. I’m using government funds to attend school, my parents support my sights on education so they pay my rent, I’m feeding myself through food pantry donations, and I have locked away all the bits of money made from commissions into an emergency fund to break into if all hell breaks loose. I’m relatively okay at the moment. But if I don’t do anything, I will be relying on my parents forever, and I don’t even have a good relationship with them, so that’s really weird and very complicated. I didn’t honestly want to further my education in the first place, but it was the only valid excuse to get me out of their home. I don’t know how else to put this, but I’ve got Asian parents, so. Heh)


Man. I wish I could show you the 5 completely different blog posts that I tried writing up to make some kind of explanation post. This was the shortest one I could do. Hopefully it shed some kind of light onto how my life has been going and where it needs to go. Or at least was a bit entertaining to read.

Well, that’s where this post ends. I hope you enjoy whatever personal artwork I get to make from here on out, and maybe I’ll finally get to open free requests and art trades again someday.

scene from Ratatouille

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Been exactly two months since my last post—I’ve been super busy doing things for school. But I’m also learning things at school, and as I’m doing so, I’ve been getting inspired to revisit things I’ve made in the past and improve upon them with what I have learned.

I’ve already changed my logo twice this year, but I’m not letting that stop me. So here’s an update on that. I also want to archive how my page currently looks, so I’ve gone with a screenshot of my front page to kill* two birds with one stone.

I think my new logo is a lot cooler. It’s more fun to look at, more balanced, and less rigid. While I don’t want to prevent myself from continuing to make my logo better if I find even better solutions, I do hope that I’ll be sticking with this one for a while.

During this process, I decided to reach out to others and get their perspectives as I worked and refined it, which I hadn’t really done before. But it’s something fairly simple that I learned at school—getting outside of your head and hearing how others see what you’ve made. Very helpful.

Well, that’s all for today. You can check out where I went through the history of all my logos on this post if you wanted a refresher on what my previous logo looked like. That post doesn’t show the first logo I made this year, but it’s basically just a slanted version of what you see at the bottom.

*Weird that I can feel the liberation of being able to say “kill” on my own blog without any fear of being banned from a social media platform. Speaking of social media platforms, screw Elon for destroying Twitter. My heart goes out especially to the artists who mainly function(ed) on Twitter. If you have your own website, please share it with me, and I will check it regularly.

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I realize this is on short notice, but I won’t be opening my commissions form this month. Things are getting rather hectic on my end to be comfortably open for stuff at this time, but I’ll be reaching out to some people I turned down last month.

I plan to reopen next month, in mid October, per normal schedule.

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I was thinking that, at some point, I may want to make blog posts every time I open for commissions (which I am currently open for right now). But, considering I don’t think I’ll be posting in this space all that much, I can’t say I’m a big fan of the idea of just seeing my whole blog primarily be posting about commission openings. Blegh. (Hmm, maybe I could do something with my homepage in regards to commission status.)

I wonder what I could post here. It randomly popped up in my head that maybe I could post information here, like tutorials of some kind. Not really sure what I’d be making tutorials of, but this is definitely where it could go. I’d sure have to figure out some tags or other method of categorization at that point.

Honestly, I didn’t really have much of an idea of what to write when I opened this up today. I just wanted to see if I could bump the first post down a bit. On mobile, there is a strange white space that comes up at the top when there isn’t much on the page to space things out, so this post should hopefully fix that.

There is another mysterious space, however. It’s on my Terms of Service page (desktop). I really don’t know why it comes up, but maybe I’ll figure it out another time.

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