Lengthier about page for the stalkers.

Hi there, I’m Jayden (A.K.A., Kludge). Though my parents are from the Philippines, I live somewhere in California—but you’ll probably only see me online. The idea of being famous and popular makes me sick, so I decided to make my own website to escape the heavy social media presence (as well as have a main hub that I have more control over).

I began creating artwork as early as I can remember, both as a hobby and a form of self expression. Nowadays, people all over the world can pay me to do it, thanks to the internet. I find commission work to be an interesting collaborative effort—it’s neat getting to take my own spin on people’s original creations.

Primarily, I am a digital artist who specializes in character illustration, but I also like to animate, draw on paper, make costumes, and have even started learning HTML, CSS, and Javascript (I coded this very website you are looking at now). I am very much a “do-it-yourself” kind of person because it’s fun and fulfilling to figure things out and experience something new. Although I am a creative, my dream job is honestly working at a post office.

Since 2014, I’ve gone by the alias “Kludge,” which is a word meaning something that is comprised of poorly-fitting parts that serves as a temporary solution. There are other definitions out there that you can find, but I consider this word to be a good explanation of my life—and life in general. My main mascot (or “fursona” as some would say) is just that: a made-up creature consisting of different parts. You can meet him on my “Characters” page.

As you can see, I have a habit of writing a lot. It’s horrific, but I’d rather say too much so that I may minimize the margin of misunderstanding. But I think I’ll stop here so that you may go forth and enjoy my site. I worked very hard on it. Feel free to leave a shout at the bottom of my homepage.