Kludge's Digital Commissions

Commission status: CLOSED
Last updated: 4 JULY 2021
Prices listed in USD

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Base Prices

One character, lineless, flat color, simple background, still image

Portrait: $40
A drawing focused on the face. Typically includes neck and top of shoulders.
Note: Portraits skip the preliminary sketch stage, unless they have complex animations.

Waist up: $55
From the waist up.

Full body: $65
The entire length of the body.

Telegram Stickers: $45+
Info is on a different page under the alias "Skunkerz".


Complex designs (e.g., lots of spots, intricate wings, detailed clothing) and large props may increase the price.

Ranges listed depend on the type of commission—lower end for portraits, higher end for full bodies.

Line art — $5-15
It’s line art.

Shading — $10-20
Can be either painterly or solid by request—I’ll likely choose painterly if you don’t specify. If you don't want shading, I still may add tints or lines to differentiate overlapping areas.

Additional character — 75% of total cost*
*Not counting the cost of the background

Solid color or transparent. Can add a few simple shapes in the background if desired.

$10 and up
Lettering (done by hand; typed is free),
Simple scene (a few background elements),
Abstract (complex shapes, multiple colors, repeating patterns etc.)

$30 and up
Detailed scene with many elements.

Artistic liberty available for any level of animation.
Price ranges depend on complexity.

Note: I will likely be open to shading an animation only if the animation is simple enough.
Keep in mind the limited cabilities of GIFs. In some cases, I imagine I will have to export it as a video file for full quality.

Small amount of frames, minimal movement. Majority of the character does not move.
E.g., basic blinking animations, wiggling elements, scrolling pattern backgrounds.

Normal amount of frames, standard movement. ~5 secs of animation, more or less. Whole character moves.
E.g., smooth blinking animations, simple expression changes, subtle arm movement, and more. Most commonly commissioned animation.

+$50 and up
More frames, movement complexity, and effects.
E.g., anything.

Particularly detailed and intricate animations will be instead worked on at an hourly rate as an animated music video would.

If you're a musician and would like a music video, I may be of service. Information on such projects is a bit lengthy, so it is here on a separate page.

Note: I don't do "animation memes" on commission (unless you actually are the owner of the audio) since I don't want to profit off of audio that I do not own, nor do I want to be charged with fines for doing so without the audio owner’s permission.

I'm sort of interested in doing them as an art trade with another animator, though. It’s not really a priority right now, but you can message me anywhere for more information anyway.

If you need anything clarified, message me! There is a lot more information that I could put on here that would answer any and all questions, but then we'd be here all day.

Please don't message me about full quotes though. Use my form for that (and specify in the last box that you are just asking for a quote and not actually commissioning yet).