Kludge's Digital Commissions

Commission status: OPEN
Last updated: 20 OCT 2020
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Base Prices

(Single character, flat color, simple background)

Portrait: $30
Waist up: $45
Full body: $55


Characters with complex designs (e.g., lots of spots, large wings, detailed clothing) or large props will also increase the price.


The ranges here depend on the type of commission (lower end is for portraits, higher end is for full bodies)

Line art: $5-15
Shading: $5-10
Additional character: 50%-75% of total cost*

*Not counting the cost of the background


Solid color, transparent*, simple abstract: $0
Lettering, simple scene, detailed abstract: $5 and up
Detailed scene: $15 and up

*transparent backgrounds on looping animations add an additional fee of at least $7

Looping Animation

Artistic liberty, but you can provide a general idea or scene. Adding $5 to your total is enough for a simple blinking animation like the one below, but the more you add, the more effort I will put into it.

Instead, $10 can get you this:

And higher will get you more movements, detail, and/or effects.

Examples for animations other than portraits are coming soon.

Important notes about Looping Animations:

If you need anything clarified, message me! There is a lot more information that I could put on here that would answer any and all questions, but then we'd be here all day.

Please don't message me about full quotes though. Use my form for that (and specify in the last box that you are just asking for a quote and not actually commissioning yet).