Kludge's Commissions

Commission status: CLOSED
Last updated: 17 JUNE 2022
Prices listed in USD

Here are some basic price ranges for common commissions. The lower end can be expected for portraits, while the higher end is for full body pieces.

Click on a box to view examples.

I don’t really have a solid price range for these. While I've mostly been commissioned for blinking/expression changing portraits between $80-150, I will gladly work with larger pieces, more complex animations, and higher amounts (as well as simpler loops for less).

Anything $150+ could be a particularly interesting project, especially if I’m given artistic liberty. The process will be a little easier if you present a budget and a loose idea—as opposed to a specific animation idea—but I'll work with what you've got.

If you're a musician and would like an animated music video using your audio, I may also be of service. Information on such projects is a bit lengthy, so it is here on a separate page.

These are greyscale drawings done in black ink. I take a bit of artistic liberty with these and may also shade them with grey watercolors.

If you would like to have the physical piece shipped to you, costs for shipping and sales tax will be added (which adds about $10-20 depending on what you get and where you live). You may either select standard paper from my sketchbook, or thicker paper from my watercolor pad for an additional cost.

Complex designs, line art, and shading can increase the price further.

Additional character: Varies

This typically adds 75% of the total cost (minus any cost of a background).


My commissions have normally stayed within a $40-100 range, most of which are one-character simple-background illustrations/animations. If you’d like to see how specific costs are broken down, that can be found below:

Click the underlined text for more examples.

— Base Prices —

Portrait: $40

Half body: $55

Full body: $65

— Add-ons —


Line art: $5-15

Shading: $10-20

Additional character: 75% of total (minus background cost)


Solid color/transparent, simple shapes: $0

Lettering, simple scene, abstract: $10+

Detailed scene: $30+

Looping Animation

Basic: $10-30
Small amount of frames, minimal movement. Majority of the character does not move.
E.g., basic blinking animations, wiggling elements, scrolling pattern backgrounds.

Standard: $30-100
Normal amount of frames, standard movement. ~5 secs of animation, more or less. Whole character moves.
E.g., smooth blinking animations, simple expression changes, subtle arm movement, and more. Most commonly commissioned animation.

Detailed: $100+
More frames, movement complexity, and effects.
E.g., anything.

— Traditional Art —

Portrait: $50

Half body: $75

Full body: $100

Add background: $10-50+