Terms of Service

All commissioners will abide by these terms whether they have read them or not.


Commission Process

  1. You fill out a quote here through Google Forms.
  2. I message you back through my email kludgeart[at]yahoo.com or Twitter @KludgesArt and thoroughly discuss your commission with you.
  3. After agreeing with my final quote, I send you an invoice to your PayPal email, and you make the payment. You will be placed on my public Queue.
  4. I will send you a preliminary sketch to give you an idea of what your commission will look like. You may request edits as you see fit.
  5. I complete the commission and send it to you for any last revisions.





It almost goes without saying that commissioners who do not follow my Terms of Service will no longer be allowed to commission me in the future. However, I understand the chance of overlooking some information, so at first, I will see to respectfully contacting you if you violate any of my terms.

If you really do have the intent to scam from the start and somehow are reading this, I hope that you could turn from your ways and support artists instead of hurt them. There will always be a few bad apples in a community, but the rest of us artists work very hard and take pride in our art, and many even depend on making art as their sole income in order to live. Please understand this and do something better with your time. Why not learn a new skill or develop one of your characters?