2D Animated Music Video Commissions

Commission status: TENTATIVE
Last updated: 26 MAY 2021

$25 USD per hour of work
(This rate, which is referenced throughout the page, is for independent musicians. Industry-level musicians on a professional record label will be worked on at $35/hr.)

Interested in a looping GIF animation instead of a music video? Check out the Looping Animation add-on section in my drawing commissions.

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Unless otherwise stated, the music videos that I make on my own time using music that does not belong to me is solely for my personal expression, protected by Fair Use. Those videos were not monetized by me nor endorsed by their original composers. Any ads that may appear are placed by the music labels and/or websites themselves, and I do not monetarily benefit from them.

For a condensed version of the following information:

We discuss specifics, and you pay me a $500 deposit to make you a small portion of a video. If you like everything that has taken place to that point, we continue the project to the end at the same rate of $25/hr.

After a brief introduction, we will begin by having me listen to your song and discussing what you want happening in your video. If you do not have an idea of what you want, I can come up with one for you, but I can only give you a general idea of what it'd be. I will not show exact storyboards: this is to prevent my original ideas from being taken and replicated by someone else.

Next, will be the gauging process. I will determine a small portion of your video to make that can stand alone (~30 sec or less of the song, likely the chorus). This is for the both of us to gauge how long it will take me to animate your video specifically. In case that—at the completion of this portion—you decide that I don't work fast enough to your liking, we don't have to finish the rest of the project. You will still be left with that little video, which you can use as a promo video of sorts, for example.

Before I work on any of this, however, you will pay a $500 deposit for me to work in (which is 20 hours of work time). If I'm nearing the end of the 20 hours and don't see myself finishing in time, I will let you know and work out additional charges with you. If I complete the portion but worked less, I will refund accordingly. I will not issue refunds unless this situation is present.

If you're okay with what I've done up to that point, we can go forward with completing the rest of the video at the same rate and specifics (another $500 for 20 working hours will be charged, etc.). In both processes, I will log my work times myself, but I don't mind coordinating with you to set up private or public livestreams so you can validate my time, add input, or just hang out and watch my process.

Of course, this is all a general idea of how things would go, and situational nuances are bound to be present. I'll do my best to keep everything transparent with you, as long as you do the same.

Again, this is for musicians who want videos using their own music only. I will not do commissions using audio that the commissioner does not own, unless they were given explicit permission from the artist to do so and can get the artist to message me to confirm this. No other exceptions.

My Vimeo page has a commissioned video that I did for Pastel Hand Grenade in 2018, as well as all the animations I have done for fun. There, you can have an idea of what my art style in my videos is like (and also how long it took to make each video, noted in the description).

The total price of a music video commission will vary greatly because there is no telling exactly how long I can take on a piece. A good approach is to set aside at least $1000 to spend before going through with a music video commission. I also require constant communication with you, due to how detailed of a process it is, so you will need to be comfortable with that.

If you are interested, message me directly through email (kludgeart[at]yahoo.com) or Twitter (@KludgesArt).

Find a good balance between being concise (so that I know what you want) while also not being too overly detailed (so that you don’t use up a lot of your time, in the case that I am unable to take you up on your offer).

“Hi, I am [first name / alias], also known as [artist name]. I’m interested in commissioning an animated music video of my song [song name]: [direct link to song on Bandcamp/Soundcloud/YouTube]. I’m thinking the video would only be a portion of the song instead of the full 3 minutes and 37 seconds.

I have a few ideas of what I’d like which would follow the story that inspired me to make the song in the first place. It’d have some horror themes and involve my characters [character names]: [links to character reference sheets]

Let me know what you think, thanks!”

I will review your information and will let you know what I think as soon as I can.