Written by Charles D.
Illustrated by Jayden K.

Aleks knows his name; he knows the entirety of his life, and he knows that his parents had just kicked him out of their house. What he doesn't know is where he his now. Aleks finds himself waking up in the house of a woman he's never met, in a city he's never heard of—far from home or any sort of familiarity or comfort. Everyone in town seems fairly nice though. There isn't anything there that he can complain about.

However, as Aleks tries to make sense of his surroundings, he's plagued with hauntingly familiar hallucinations in this unfamiliar place. Why won't anyone answer his questions? Is something sinister brewing?

It seems only time will tell.

Buoy-Friend cover page

Buoy-Friend is a collaborative comic project between writer Charles D. and illustrator Jayden K.. It is hosted on ComicFury and updates bi-weekly. Contains mature themes regarding mental health. Rated 16+.